Q- Will My Jewelry Turn My Skin Green:

A- No! We only build our jewelry with the highest quality materials unlike many other jewelers. We strongly believe in building you a product that will last for years to come, which includes .925 Sterling Silver, 14K Gold fill, Pure Stainless Steel, and high quality Rose Gold Plating. Our quality is a reflection of our prices! Remember, paying more for high quality is worth it! 


Q- Can I Exchange my Ring:

A- Yes! You are covered by the Sea Candy Promise, if you order any Sea Candy Ring and it does not fit, sent it back to our office and we will mail you your correct size. No need to worry! 


Q- Can I Cancel My Order:

A- We do not have order cancelations, however, you are more than welcome to exchange your jewelry for any other jewelry or also receive store credit! If you made a genuine mistake on your order, email our team we will take care of you!


Q- What is Sea Glass:

A- Sea glass starts as a piece of glass finds its way into the ocean. The glass can range from a soda bottle to remanence of a ship wreck. This glass is then tumbled by powerful waves and dissolved by the high pH of the ocean’s salt water. The end product is a smooth, rounded, and frosted piece of glass. This process takes around 25-50 years and some sea glass can date up to 100 years old.


Q- Where do you find Sea Glass:

A- Sea glass can be found at beaches all over the world. Any place that has had inhabitance for at least 25 years has a chance of having sea glass.  The best time to look for sea glass is right after low tide when the tide switches and starts to rise again. At low tide the water level drops exposing rocks, shells, and sea glass. As the tide starts to rise, the waves push these treasures up on the beach making the perfect time for sea glass hunting. To check the tides at a beach near you use Surfline This website will provide you with the most accurate tide and wave size predictions. 

Q- Where do you find the best quality Sea Glass:

A- Although sea glass can be found at beaches all around the world, the quality varies from beach to beach. To get the perfect sea glass (which can be seen in the picture to the right) the beach has to have a couple characteristics. The first characteristic is that the beach has to have some sort of waves. If the beach is completely flat such as in a harbor the sea glass will not wear down and will stay sharp. The second characteristic a beach needs is fine sand. The finer the sand the smoother the glass will get, coarse sand creates pits in the glass. This is not always bad, in fact it adds character. However, this type of glass is not fit for jewelry. The last characteristic a beach needs to produce perfect jewelry sea glass is not too many rocks. Now if you have looked for sea glass before you probably know that sea glass can be found around rocks of similar size. However, when there are too many rocks or if the rocks are too big the sea glass will chip. Time and time again we find perfect pieces of sea glass that have a small chip in them rendering them unusable for jewelry.

Q- How do you price your Sea Glass Jewelry:

A- We consider 3 factors when pricing our sea glass jewelry. The first factor we consider is the rarity of the glass used. Brown is the most common glass so we make it considerably cheaper.  On the other hand only 1 in 50 pieces of sea glass found is the color sea foam, so it is a little more expensive. Jewelry made with this color glass can be found in our rare collection. The second factor we consider is the time it takes to make each piece. We take pride in the quality of our jewelry and do not cut any corners. We hand drill every piece of sea glass, finish every chain, and hammer out every wire. Because of this it takes a fair amount of time to make each pice of jewelry and we factor it into our cost. But you can be rest assured you are buying a quality piece of jewelry made with love and passion. The last factor we consider is the quality of our material. We use the best material on the market to make our jewelry. All of our jewelry down to the tiny jump rings is gold filled or sterling silver. These quality materials do not tarnish nor wear off, they are the real deal. This ensures that our jewelry doesn’t just look amazing when you receive it but stays looking amazing year after year. With this added quality comes a little added cost. In the end we still make some of the best quality sea glass jewelry on the market at a price that cannot be beat.

Q- What materials do you use to make your Sea Glass Jewelry:

A- At Sea Candy Jewelry we use top quality materials to produce our jewelry. Each and every piece of metal in our jewelry from the chain to the jump rings is either gold filled or sterling silver. Although it is a little more expensive it is worth every penny. Over time and through much R&D, we have found that no other material compares to the quality of gold filled or sterling silver without spending a fortune. This is because sterling silver and gold filled jewelry does not tarnish nor does it wear down. Many of our competitors use gold and silver plated metal to make their jewelry in an effort to keep their prices low. We found that although it looks comparable to gold filled and sterling silver jewelry, it just doesn’t stand the test of time. Gold and silver plated jewelry tarnishes very easily, especially if you live near the ocean. This leaves the jewelry looking dull and aged. In addition, in some cases the silver or gold plating wears off, leaving you with a piece of jewelry made of nickel or some mixture of low grade metals. Gold filled jewelry on the other hand has 100% more gold than gold plated jewelry and sterling silver is 92.5% pure silver. By using these materials to make jewelry you can guarantee that your jewelry will pass the test of time and stay looking amazing year after year.

Q- What is the difference between Beach Glass and Sea Glass:

A- There is one distinct feature that separates sea glass from beach glass and that is the body of water in which comes from. Sea glass comes from the ocean or any body of water with salt in it. Beach glass on the other hand comes from bodies of fresh water such as a lake or river. The type of water affects how the glass turns more than you would think . Sea glass is very smooth and round unless they are damaged by other rocks or simply just haven’t been in the water long enough. This is because the pH of the salt water disintegrates the glass over a long period of time. Beach glass on the other hand is typically more rough and often times still has some rigid edges regardless how long it is in the water. At Sea Candy Jewelry we only use sea glass to make our jewelry. Don’t get us wrong we love beach glass too and even collect it, but we believe it is just not suitable for the quality of jewelry we produce.